Our Minister

In March 2019 we welcomed Rev. Jane Sullivan as our minister.

From her childhood years in New Liskeard, Ontario, through university studies (including a Master of Divinity from Emmanuel College at U of T in 1987) and during 30 years of ministry in 3 provinces and the raising of 3 fine children, Jane has loved the great outdoors. She strongly supports the mindful spiritual practices they enable. Her work here will include the offer of a Forest Church open to all, taking worship into Nature.

Jane’s other passion is building and strengthening “Community” in all its meanings, whether local, global, special interest or orientation. She seeks ways to “make all the boats rise”. Within the church, Jane is a seasoned leader and administrator. Her addresses from the pulpit are thoughtful, challenging and forward looking. They reflect her own life journey inspired, guided and sustained by the teaching of Jesus Christ. Please come by or make contact with Jane and share your own story.