Cheques and post dated cheques can be mailed to: St. John’s United Church, P.O. Box 1414, 192 Mill Street, Creemore, ON L0M 1G0

During this pandemic, there may be a delay in the processing of your cheque(s). Physical deposits are being limited to twice per month and at this time, cash is not accepted. If you are self isolating at this time, arrangements can be made to pick up your donation.  Please contact Karen Davidson-Lock at 705-466-2260 0r  Tax receipts are issued in February of the year following your donation.

E-Transfer Instructions for TD Bank customersOther Banks may have different titles and instructions.

On left hand side of screen – select “Interac E-Transfer” from Menu.

Step 1:  Set up the Contact (first time only).

  • Click “Manage Contacts”, “Add Contact”
  • Enter your name, and ensure that “English” is the chosen language.
  • On this same screen (Notify by), an email address or mobile number has to be entered. Enter your email address, do not use the text option.
  • You will need to add the church’s email address as a “recipient” and type in the church’s name.
  • The security question is “what day of the week do we attend”. The answer to the security question is “Sunday”.
  • For a message, it’s helpful if you put your envelope number – no special signs like #, just the number – you can add your name if your email address does not readily identify you.
  • If you wish to direct all or part of your offering to M&S, you will need to put these instructions in the message – otherwise it goes into “General”.

Step 2: Performing the Transfer

  • Under Interac E-Transfer, click “Send Money”. Sender will show as your name and email address.
  • Choose the account which you will be using to transfer funds.
  • Key in the dollar amount.
  • Next you will be required to type in the answer to the security question with the optional message (envelope number, name, etc.)
  • Click “Next” – you will then be directed back to the “Send Money” screen.
  • Click “Send Money”. A confirmation screen will appear with a confirmation number.

Step 3: Receipt of Funds to Church’s Account

An email will be automatically be sent to advising of a pending transfer. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email that it’s been successfully deposited.

PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) is in effect commencing January, 2021.   Forms are available through the Treasurer.