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COMMUNITY GARDEN gardeners. Lynn Gowan, Bill McLeod, Gayle Millsap, Gail Martens, Lynn Bell, Brenda Wilson and Sandy McKay absent.

Below are a couple of the thank you notes left on the produce table at the front of the church.

“Hello Reverend Jane, I’m not sure if you’re the right person that I should be writing but I wanted to thank you and the congregation for the kindness that you should just strangers this weekend. We happen to be visiting your quaint little town for the first time and somebody was kind enough to set up is vegetable garden at the front of the church. I love the fact that there were no obligations and it’s somebody gave so selflessly the others – I know that gardening is a labour of love. Please send our thanks to the congregation – we hope the bit of change that we left can be put to good use. Thank you once again for your selflessness. Have a great day.”

“Hello I don’t know who to thank. My husband I went to Creemore on the weekend, we picked up some potatoes, a carrot, basil, parsley and the big zuchhini and one little zucchini, I made a minestrone soup out of these vegetables. I WANTED TO THANK YOU, FOR THEM THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!”





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